What is the process?

There are plenty of elements in business that are complicated enough, working together does not have to be one of them.

The task is here is to understand your project’s who, what, where and how, then bring it to life.



The project starts when you complete the Project Contact Form. Next, we schedule a 15-30 minute call to discuss your information and explore if we are a good working match. We will continue with a basic project Q&A, you are also invited to submit a Creative Brief if you prefer.

With the project defined, I will write a project proposal that will contain the investment required, milestones and timeline. This will also include a designer-client agreement for you to sign and the initial invoice for the deposit towards the project.


During this phase, we will schedule a time for a more lengthy briefing session to get specific project information over phone, Zoom or in-person. Mood boards, mind maps, sketches, design mockups are welcome to be submitted or we will create them at this time.

If a design project, initial design(s) will be created, presented for feedback, 1-2 revisions, then the refined final design is delivered and project is complete.

If a website development project, this time would be used to gain more clarification with the creative direction, website sitemap and functionality. Your website outline, page content, branding elements and relevant images will need to be submitted at this time. Wireframes and web design mockups are designed or submitted by your designer and we will go over them together before proceeding to the development stage.




Now it’s time to take your content, design elements, any specific directions and code your custom website, in other words, I get busy crafting it.

Depending on the size and complexity of your website this phase can take anywhere between 2-8 weeks. During this process, your site would be built behind a coming soon placeholder page in a password protected area.

Test Drive

Once initial build is complete, I will test and verify all functionality in all browsers and that it is displaying correctly on all device sizes. You will then receive login access to review the website yourself behind the placeholder page. Here you can explore the website as it would be seen online on the front end and also test drive the admin back end area where content is added and updated.

Review all the sections of your new website. Click all the page links, test forms and functions, read all your content and make sure everything is how it should be. Gather any feedback notes for the front-end design refinement or changes, as well as “How to” back-end admin questions that may come up. At this time, we will schedule another meeting to go over your feedback together.



Final Touches

With your feedback submitted, refinements are made, final technical comb through, final adjustments, and the final invoice with the balance due for the proposed project is submitted.

Website Launch & Management Strategy

Your site is now live and available for the public to visit. In this step we also submit your website to search engines and get your analytics in place. Additionally, a training session is scheduled to guide you through adding or updating content as well as any other specifics and “how-to” questions on adding or updating content on your new website.

Here we will also discuss implementing a website management strategy to protect your website investment. Now that your website is live, I won’t abandon you. You will be able to select from 3 levels of maintenance plans available. It is my aim to build a long term professional relationship with you to help you reach your website goals, maintain core code, handle any updates, troubleshooting or technical management tasks.


Ready To Start Your Next Project?