Soil Terroir

Professional Services by Hilary Applegate offering complete Soil Food Web assessments as a first step towards building soil fertility effectively and organically. Biological Microscopy Assessments of Soil and Compost are for gardners, homeowners, landowners, farmers and anyone interested in understanding their soil micro-organism composition.

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Custom WordPress website, vector illustration of logo concept, business cards, book format layout, illustration, and cover design for a composting journal.

My client approached me with a logo concept drawn by her son in crayon, seeking a fun and colorful design. I translated the idea into a refined vector illustration, producing variations for her website, social media, and stickers. Additionally, I designed business cards, facilitated printing, and developed a WordPress website to align with her brand, curating photos and organizing content.

Subsequently, she introduced a composting journal idea, and I assisted in formatting the provided copy for print, creating illustrations, and developing the book cover. I guided her through the submission process for Amazon KDP print-on-demand sales.

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